Updates on the monkeys repatriated from Zimbabwe
Updates on the monkeys repatriated from Zimbabwe

Updates on the monkeys repatriated from Zimbabwe

Since some of you have contacted us for information regarding the  primates recently repatriated from Zimbabwe, here are some updates to share with you.

It’s been nearly two months now our new residents arrived. The 20 monkeys have become taller, gained some weight and the golden-bellied mangabeys are turning into real golden-coloured monkeys!

The female agile mangabey that had been isolated from the others before arriving at J.A.C.K. (because of her size) is no longer alone! She is sharing her enclosure with another female of the same species. The younger female was very shy at first and afraid of the tall one. Today, they stay in the same nest and do get on well together!

All our newcomers are doing great and are grabbing this new chance in life we are offering them!

However, there is one important issue we are worrying about: some of our new friends do not stand temperatures below 12°C/53°F. Our African Winter is knocking on our door. May, June and July are the coldest months of the year and because our sanctuary is located about 1400m above the sea level, early morning emperatures can drop to 5°C/41°F.  This can be dangerous for some of the species we have just rescued . Therefore, donations are needed to build warm night rooms to keep our residents a bit longer indoors in the mornings.

As you can see, rehabilitation is not only a matter of appropriate food and vet care – good accomodattion is also essential to the well-being of captive kept animals and we really need support to improve this stuation. If you think you can help THEM, please join the link below



We will give you more updates soon on the building projects as well as on the coming health checks!

Thank YOU for THEM!