Washu’s breakfast
Washu’s breakfast

Washu’s breakfast

Dear Friends,

Washu is the eldest boarder at J.A.C.K.. he is estimated to be 10 and weighs now more than 48 kgs….

This young ape arrived at J.A.C.K. in december 2010 after having lived for years on a farm outside the city of Lubumbashi. Washu is a very kind chimp, extremely playfull and is always demanding love and attention….

Because Washu lived for years free among humans on a farm, he has several human habits: he can smoke, is used to local drugs and alcohol, claps his hands when he wants to get your attention and…when he gets tea and bread, he loves to drip the piece of bread into his cup of tea…

Yes, Washu is an expert and impresses our team each time he’s given some bread and tea or milk… See by yourself; J.A.C.K. keeper Ben couldn’t believe his eyes when seeing something like this and said « but madam, this is not possible! Only humans can do this!!! »

That is why it isn’t good to have a chimp at home. These creatures are perfect imitators because of their high intelligence, and having them with you at home is a lack of respect of the chimpanzee individual they are…

J.A.C.K. takes care of chimps. J.A.C.K. doesn’t don’t buy them but do rescue them as they are legally confiscated by DRC authoroities and handed over to our sanctuary…When I see Washu behaving like this, it breaks my heart as it means he is too far away from his chimpanzee culture, from his inner primate instincts.

It isn’t his fault.  He didn’t ask his family to be slaughtered and he didn’t ask to be sold on the streets of Lubumbashi…

But greedy humans changed his life, and WE responsible  humans of sanctuaries  must give him the chance to live among others of his own kind and give him something like a decent chimpanzee life! This is why J.A.C.K. Sanctuary is  fighting for every day in a very difficult country where humans are also suffering…

I really wish we could all together change this terrible nightmare in a wave of a magic wand…

But, as a start, never buy a chimp! And respect these wonderful creatures!!!

Thank you All for following us so closely



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