When Luna meets Tika
When Luna meets Tika

When Luna meets Tika


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Well, dear Friends, when LUNA (the newcomer) meets TIKA (the dominant of the nursery group)  everything is fine and the meeting generates emotions from both sides…

Luna discovering her future outside facility

The baby chimp really seemed trustful. I was with her when she met the big male for the first time and the only signs she showed was that she grabbed me very very tightly. Luna had already seen but not yet met the big preadolescent chimps we have in the main group of J.A.C.K. but it was actually the very first time she was in front of a chimp of the size of Tika…. Look at her face – Luna really looks impressed and wondering whether I’ll leave her or not with a big one like this!

Tika showing no sign of interest into Luna

Tika is a peaceful chimpanzee and is more like a ‘big brother’ than an alpha… at the beginning he didn’t pay attention at all to Luna… He was just happy to have Papa Augustin and me next to him – Tika loves us too much!

Tika playing with me instead of getting any interest in Luna

When he finally decided he would try to touch Luna, she became upset and shouted as if she were saying « stop! get away from me! »

Luna refusing Tika to touch her

Hopefully, Tika didn’t try to tease the little one that much and the first meeting was extremely positive.  He played around us but was very gentle – this is how Tika usually is!


Tika playing with Luna

More pictures will come soon as Luna has to go through more presentations to feel completely at ease in her new group!


Tika playing with me instead of getting any interest in Luna

Thank you all for following us!


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