bad days…
bad days…

bad days…

Hi Friends of JACK,

Sorry for this delay in posting…

Last week, we had flu again at the project. And this time, it happened because a visitor -again! – had thrown into the main enclosure a can contaminated with a very tough flu virus. The chimps fell terribly sick and one after the other joined the quarantine area! Too bad! I had to give antibiotics to some of them as  flu turned into severe bronchitis.

Flu contaminated the Kivus as well as little Santa and Kimo. Because Santa was too bad, Papa Augustin (Santa’s carer) decided to treat her without consulting us. He gave her one complete spoon of Amoxicillin and in a few hours time Santa didn’t move any more, could hardly breathe and her heart was beating too fast. Jean-Claude, our Congolese vet, was called in emergency and gave her the first treatments. I spent 48hours observing Santa day and night as she was too bad. Her breath was horrible : it seemed to be too painful to her to take deep breaths…Santa has showed a clear allergy to Amoxicillin and now we know she must have other medication in case she’s too sick!!

Today, one week later, Santa is doing a lot better although still very tired. She starts playing again and is eating more and more. Her face is extremely pale – you can see she went through difficult moments.



But now it is Maïka’s turn to be too bad. For the last two days, this little one has had high fever and blood in her stools. According to the first lab analysis, she has got too many white cells and  Maïka might have ulcers in her intestines or somewhere else… so, she started a particular treatment yesterday night. Maïka hasn’t eaten nor drink much these days and has lost weight already. She’s very small, young and thin and I do cross my fingers she’ll get better very soon.



I’ll keep you posted,



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  2. Josefine (mama Kimo)

    Hi there!!

    This flue thing is terrible as much as the lack of knowledge in people over there – ah it makes u so frustrated! Poor Santa – as she hasent gone through enough of bad things in her life already!
    Im so happy ill be there with u all soon again, hopefully i can give u some assistance!

    LOVE from mama Kimo!

  3. Fran

    Oh Roxanne! I don’t understand people sometimes. Where is the common sense and caring? I am keeping all the babies in my thoughts, especially little Santa and Maika. Maika is such a wee thing, that I am really praying for her. You are all so wonderful for what you are doing! I don’t think we can say that enough.

  4. Christine C.

    Oh Roxane — this is terrible news…I cannot believe that all of our precious apes, there and at Lola are doing so poorly…maybe it is time to stop with visitors to the sanctuaries if people cannot do what they are supposed to…please keep us posted, adn I hope you, Franck, and the rest of the staff at JACK continue to be healthy yourselves…

  5. paty france

    grippe, bronchite, plusieurs sanctuaires atteints et aussi des petits enfants, que se passe-t-il ??? pourvu que cela ne reprenne pas avec votre hiver qui arrive. nous espérons que les traitements préventifs à base de plantes vont vous aider pour qu’il y ait moins de maladie à l’avenir. nous ferons tout ce que nous pouvons pour vous aider pour le préventif dans l’avenir. cette petite Santa toute pale fait tout ce qu’elle peut pour vivre…..veillez bien sur elle.
    Maika, c’est dramatique, la pauvre petite n’est pas gatée pour ce début, mais c’est aussi la conséquence pour les uns et pour les autres de tous les malheurs qui ont commencé quand les etres dit « humains » ont lachement assassiné toutes leurs familles. ces petits sont si sensibles et traumatisés.
    un bon rétablissement à ces deux petites et courage à tous, vous n’etes pas seuls, sur toute la planéte des gens pensent à vous et vous apporte leur aide.

  6. Theresa

    OMG Roxane! You have had a rough time at JACK lately! Poor little Santa..thank God she is getting better! What can be done besides education to prevent this from occurring again? These poor babies have no immunities from our viruses. The Congo is having a big problem lately. As Sheryl said, Lola Ya Bonobo has lost two infants. I am praying little Maika gets better soon. You are all in my prayers!

  7. Oh my God, Roxanne, what is going on in Congo with apes and the flu? I’m so glad Santa didn’t die from the penicillin. She’s so pale … and I’m praying that little Maika gets better soon.

    There’s a deadly flu epidemic running through Lola Ya Bonobo right now. Six bonobos, including two infants, have died in a month. If you have any information that might be helpful to them, please contact them or contact Vanessa Woods (she’s at the sanctuary right now) at

    Keep us posted on the sick ones. Take care,


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