End of the lockdown of the sanctuary

End of lockdown announced by Mr MUIR, Provincial wildlife authority. Our team has remained 5 months without leavng the comlex. A huge sacrifice. Today, all our staff members can go back home although the virus is still in town and around the sanctuary. A sanitary protocol will be implemented on August 31st at night.


Many thanks again to our ICCN partner for having guided J.A.C.K. through these stressful and tough times of pandemic!


So grateful security is maintained at the sanctuary thanks to the great work of Rangers John and Mwema. They both work day and night to keep our residents as well as our team safe from harm; remember, J.A.C.K. already went through two arsons one of which killed two innocnt chimpanzee orphans…

Thank YOU, Rangers Mwema & John, for your Love and dedication!