Elia, the chimp of the parrot cage
Elia, the chimp of the parrot cage

Elia, the chimp of the parrot cage

Hi Everyone,

Yes, not good news, again!

Elia is a young female chimpanzee that arrived at JACK a few hours ago.


She was kept in a small parrot cage. The owner had bought her here in Lubumbashi and was trying to sell her at a higher price.


We had recently heard about a chimp in that area of the city of Lubumbashi and yesterday the Inspectors of Environment assisted by police officers went to seize the young chimp.


Elia was scared but ready to leave the small parrot cage full of dirt.


Getting her in our crate was extremely easy as she didn’t show any resistance …


At J.A.C.K, no problem at all. Elia seemed a bit nervous but was apparently  glad to have a bigger cage where she could play, jump, hang onto the bars, etc.


Elia is very thin but very active. We estimate she is about 3 to 4 years old. She eats, drinks and plays all the time and always asks for contact. She is very cute and doesn’t show any signs of aggressiveness.


Maybe, if all the analyses are ok, Elia will have the opportunity to stay with Rosie. Both will thus feel less lonely during their isolation period.


But first we want Elia to adjust and to understand that she’s in good hands now!

Thank you,


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  1. Gregor Laird

    great that you rescued her but that green cage looks really grim. Why is there no natural enrichment in there or even ropes or toys?
    Will she get moved to a larger more social enclosure with more chimps?

  2. Fran

    Elia’s eyes say it all. Poor wee thing. But she is in loving, capable hands now! I know she will fare well with you and Franck, Roxanne. All the best to you! Many hugs!

  3. Theresa

    Poor little thing! Being kept in such horrid conditions enrages me! How people can treat chimps this way is something I will NEVER understand. I am so grateful though that she is now with people who will love her and treat her well. I think she felt that when she was rescued and that is the reason she showed no aggression. Animals sense when people are good. Be easy, little Elia. You are in the best of hands now. God bless you and your team, Roxane. You will always have my support!

  4. Carryl Edwards

    Elia is so adorable. I hope she adjusts and has lots of chimps to play with. I wish her great health and happiness. Grow up to be a beautiful chimpanzee. May god watch over you and keep you safe.

  5. Dana-Phoenix Arizona

    It’s amazing that these abused chimps can respond so well to kindness after the horrible care they receive. Elia is a cutie. I am sure she will respond to the gentle care she will receive from you all. Thank you for all you do :>)

  6. taras

    What a beautiful girl with those big eyes. I’m sorry that there is yet another to take care of but am vey happy that she is now safe with you and your awesome JACK team.
    The pictures of her in that tiny dirty prison of a cage make me want to scream. Heartbreaking.

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