Fondation Bralima, a “big” donation
Fondation Bralima, a “big” donation

Fondation Bralima, a “big” donation

Hello again,

Bralima is a brewery which started a few months ago in Lubumbashi and which has been in Kinshasa (capital of the DRC)since 1923. It is owned by Heineken International


I met a lady last year but I actually didn’t know her husband was one of the Bralima managers of Lubumbashi. She visited JACK several times and asked me one day: « What does JACK need? » And because we still had no kitchen at the Refuge and because everything (food, mil bottles) was prepared in my house, I answered a container would be welcome.

So, later on, Franck was contaced to chose a container at the Bralima brewery and…


it took a few days only before the container arrived at the JACK Refuge.




 This is really a « big » donation, and JACK thanks the Fondation Bralima and its team for this. Now, we still have to put power and to build and buy all we need for the kitchen….


Encore merci pour ce geste!


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  1. PATY (france)

    Nous espérons tous que Bralima va continuer de vous aider, ce futur local cuisine était tellement necessaire.
    Merci a bralima depuis la France.

  2. This is wonderful news! A great donation. Bless their hearts for caring for the chimpanzees and willing to help JACK. Good luck to you on the rest of your project. I hope you get some more donations to help with that also.

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