Dear All,

It took some time before Kimo’s bump started to reduce. And, as you can see on the picture, no trace of a bump is to be seen on his face.


Kimo has put on weight, is playful again and is doing fine. He’s eating well. His tooth doesn’t seem to hurt him. Our vet has just come back from the PASA Vet workshop (Nairobi) and we’ll see what comes next as some vets and dentists do advise not to pull out a young tooth. We’re still waiting for more details about this…


As to answer to your question « K », know that Tongo is doing well too and that he still has the protection of Mwisho, the new alpha male.


Tongo is still the youngest baby of the main group but not too long any more because we wish to introduce the Kivus, Kimo, Santa and Maïka




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  1. marie

    Merci beaucoup, Roxane, pour le petit Kimo : j’espère que
    tout se passera bien pour lui avec les « grands » et pour
    Santa aussi (ils sont peut-être un peu plus difficiles
    à intégrer que les autres petits ? en plus de leur
    Est ce que Coco s’est bien adapté au groupe ?
    Merci infiniment pour tout ce que vous leur apportez.

  2. k

    thank you roxanne for the updates! glad to hear of kimo’s recovery and that tongo is still okay. hopefully the kivu four will receive the same protection when they enter the main enclosure. but it’ll be easier for them as there are four of them i expect. all the best to you all.

  3. Theresa

    Good news on Kimo! I am happy he has recovered. He is the cutest little guy! I wanted to ask, Roxane, is Kimo’s coordination better with the vitamins he gets or is he still having some trouble with his mobility?

  4. Contente de voir que Kimo est en parfaite santé 🙂

    Quant à Tongo et à son charismatique protecteur… ils sont trop mignons à voir!

    J’attends le prochain post avec grande impatiente… vive le courant 😀

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