A new facility thanks to your donations !!!
A new facility thanks to your donations !!!

A new facility thanks to your donations !!!

Dear Friends of J.A.C.K.,


It’s high time I introduced you the new double night enclosure that J.A.C.K. managed to start building thanks to our kind donors of Wildlife Direct, Facebook and the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust.

J.A.C.K. today counts 26 young chimpanzees. The two night enclosures built last year helped us a lot but more facilities were needed to enable the 17 growing chimpanzees of our main group to have enough space for the night. 

By end of July 2009, Wildlife Direct and Facebook donations totalised USD 5,278 Money from facebook was wired onto Wildlife Direct acount in the US.


End of September 2009, J.A.C.K. asked Wildlife Direct to send USD 5,000 onto its account in Lubumbashi. And on October 12th, USD 4,991 arrived in Lubumbashi from which extra fees were taken as it was an international transfer.



Works started immediately before the rains arrived.



Your contributions enabled J.A.C.K. in buying the basic material needed for construction (trucks of sand, rocks, gravel, bricks + iron bars and metal sheets).



But J.A.C.K. needed more funds to finish at least one of the two enclosures and that’s why the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust kindly donated extra fundings.


The manager of this Trust even came at J.A.C.K. a few weeks ago to see what had been achieved and an additional post will be written to share all these important moments with Mrs Ing-Marie Perrson, President of the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust! Thank You Ing-Marie for helping and for being with us!


In about a month time  one night facility has been finished and already inaugurated by the chimps of our main group.



The construction of the second one has been stopped: new chimps are due to be confiscated soon and  we can’t afford buying extra material any more…

The J.A.C.K. Refuge wishes to thank all its Wildlife Direct and Facebook Donors for their kind participation. Remember that J.A.C.K. is a small NGO living on donations only and that any contribution is meant to keep the Refuge running. Our aim is to provide the best conditions to these wonderful creatures that have been taken away from their families and we can’t do this all alone.

We need YOU to continue our action!

The chimps of J.A.C.K. need YOU!

Thank you for trusting us,


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  1. Great News!
    We ar WildlifeDirect are glad to have made it possible for you to raise these funds. We are proud of JACK for being so transparent in their dealings and for showing donors the difference they are making.

    And to you donors and friends of WildlifeDirect and JACK, we are proud of you. All this would not have happened without you.

    Thank You!

    S Maina

  2. JACK

    Merci Carole pour ton soutien! Cela fait tjs plaisir!!!
    And Thank YOU so much Theresa for this Christmas gift! This is a wonderful donation and the chimps are most grateful for your attention and Love!

  3. A l’allure ou vont les saisies, il va vous falloir créer d’autres enclos de nuit. J’espère que l’année 2010 vous apportera suffisamment de soutiens pour que vous puissiez continuer à apporter à vos pensionnaires le meilleur… ils le méritent tant!!!

    Je pense bien à vous tous.

  4. Theresa

    Good news about the expansion, Roxane. J.A.C.K. may be smaller than many sanctuaries but it is growing quickly. I sent the chimps Christmas gift a bit early. Use it as you see fit. Much love to you all and keep up the wonderful work!

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