Dr Christelle and Hélène
Dr Christelle and Hélène

Dr Christelle and Hélène

In light of the tragedy in which the sanctuary was plunged, our Founders called on two exceptional women to help them.

This is how, thanks to a sponsorship of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), Dr. Christelle Colin and Helene Rase came to assist the Sanctuary.


Thus, for 3 months, the two ladies brought all their experience and expertise in several areas of the Sanctuary to help both the team and the residents overcome the trauma experienced following the kidnapping.

At team level:

  • Staff has been restructured and new positions have been created;
  • some of the personnel of J.A.C.K. having been arrested by the authorities following the investigation (kidnapping), new members joined the team and were trained in the various positions;
  • The keepers have been trained in animal training and the behaviors of the different primates.

At the animal level

  • Much work has been done on the behavior of great and small primates in view of the notorious conflicts within certain groups;
  • Some individuals were introduced into a group while others were changed groups;
  • All individuals who required care were treated, cared for and very well supervised. These treatments range from deworming, implant placement, bites, open wounds, etc.


Our Founders are more than content with the stay and professionalism of Helene and Dr. Christelle. Their presence was a breath of fresh air and a renewal for the entire Sanctuary that had just suffered this horrific attack.

Also, Dr. Christelle and Hélène were a huge mental support for everyone; our Founders included! They are among the few people who have been constantly listening and who have given their time, their affection to help J.A.C.K. keep its head above water in order to continue its heavy work and his daily fight against wildlife crime.

Thank you to Dr. Christelle COLIN and Hélène RASE for their love, professionalism and involvement in our mission.  Many people should learn from their courage as well as their passion for these animals. It is more than obvious that their stay wil have left an unwavering friendship with all the members of our team! Thanks for everything!

Finally, many thanks also to PASA for its support during this post-kidnapping period and for allowing the stay of the two experts who came to lend us a hand.