Last milk of the day
Last milk of the day

Last milk of the day

Dear All,

I decided today to share with you some moments we had this evening at feeding time. The chimpanzees were waiting to go inside their neight enclosure in order to get their last milk of the day. Sometimes they are very quite and patient. But tonight, maybe because I was recording, it was a very very noisy time.

The chimp making that impatient noise you’ll hear is Kala.  He’s the one who usually is impatient and gives the alarm to the others to say « hey guys! milk is ready! « .

Also, nearly at the end of the movie, you’ll see a very little one hesitating to go into the night enclosure: it’s TONGO! And JANE is the one who comes out again to fetch baby TONGO and who will last get inside… and chased again by Chita, the dominant male…

Enjoy watching!

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Now, have a look at what happens inside when they are being fed…

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Feeding time doesn’t last for hours and when milk is finished, they get some food, prepare their nests and go to sleep…


Kala (top)prepared a nice nest and Tongo (below) prefered the hammock.




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  1. Il a bien changé Tongo depuis le soir ou il est sorti du carton aprés son voyage en avion.
    C’est un vrai plaisir de les voir évoluer en peu de temps.
    Tongo et son hamac, c’est une vrai histoire, il aimait le hamac déjà en quarantaine.
    Il a l’air tellement bien qu’on s’installerait bien avec lui.
    il faudra prévoir des hamacs pour les prochains bénévoles.

  2. Theresa

    Tongo looks great! They can sure get noisy when it’s milk time but I love those sounds. Is Tongo settling in well with the bigger chimps? Is Jane still his main protector or do all the others watch out for the him too? Thanks for shring part of your day with us. I love watching them!

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