6 babies in about 6 weeks… slaughter continues !
6 babies in about 6 weeks… slaughter continues !

6 babies in about 6 weeks… slaughter continues !

Yes, Friends of J.A.CK.,


Can you believe this? 6 babies chimpanzees arriving at the J.A.C.K. Refuge in about 6 weeks?







And also now





J.A.C.K. today takes care of… 29 orphans compared to 19 end 2008.

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We really need your support! J.A.C.K. is a small NGO in the DRC…. We can’t continue alone and that’s why we call for help to provide the best conditions to these orphans that have been taken away from the wild because of human ignorance and… crualty.


Please, help us,

Thank you for THEM !


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  1. Fran

    This just makes my stomach churn. It is all so senseless. Thankfully, these beautiful creatures have you as their caretakers. But the word has to spread, so you can count on me in that area! All the best to you, Roxanne and Franck!

  2. Roxanne — in America I am seeing TV commercial about the « kardashins » – they have gotten a chimp baby in their home —
    I have been busy at work but plan to write Chimp Haven in Louisiana and Save the Chimps in Florida — please ask animal rights group you know to put out press about this reality show and the fact they have a baby chimp —
    I am sure a Mom chimp was murdered again — so these idiots can have a baby chimp to put on TV — I am so angry!

  3. Theresa

    Heartbreaking, Roxane! It’s so sad these little ones are coming so frequently to J.A.C.K. but I am so thankful for you, Franck and the staff. You are in my thoughts always!

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