Wildlife trade goes on

NO CONFISCATIONS FOR THE LAST 6 YEARS as J.A.C.K. stopped the trade in Lubumbashi and surrounding areas – The smugglers have changed their route which has been discovered by the DRC wildlife authorities – the fight continues!
👉stay tuned, more info to come

Kaly, new arrival at J.A.C.K.

Yes, dear Friends of J.A.C.K.,

Our sanctuary welcomed a new orphan the day after Kala’s passing. Late in the afternoon a man came at the gates of our sanctuary with a young female chimpanzee. He came to hand over the chimp at J.A.C.K. as he had been trying to sell the primate for weeks and weeks in Lubumbashi without success. No one dared buying the chimp. In Lubumbashi people know these creatures are endangered, must be protected and not eaten nor detained in homes. So the man rather came to hand over the chimp as he was afraid it would die.


The baby was previously named ‘Shakira’ and the ‘owner’ had come with it from Kalemie (East Katanga) in order to sell the baby primate in Lubumbashi. The fact no one wished to buy the chimpanzee is a huge step forward for J.A.C.K. : it means our education action is working at each level since as well as DRC locals as well as expats refused to buy the young ape! DRC environment officials and police were called on post and the baby got legally confiscated from its ‘owner’.


Since Kala had just gone, we decided to name our new little friend ‘KALY’. She is about a year and a few months old, she is a bit dehydrated and malnutrished but she’ll be fine. Kaly has already adjusted to her new life, she gets on well with everyone of the team and vocalises a lot with the other chimps at J.A.C.K. She is still isolated from the different groups.


We will keep you updated,


Thank you,


J.A.C.K/ Roxane


2 more orphans at J.A.C.K. !

 Dearest Friends of J.A.C.K.,

Times are indeed extremelly challenging for us these days at J.A.C.K. As you know, the sanctuary has been at maximum capacity with the number of chimps that we can house and with which we can provide adequate care. However, recent events have resulted in 2 new confiscated arrivals at J.A.C.K… Lynn and Luna. Both orphans are staying at our house as the quarantine facilities are too cold.2 new orphans

Lynn is a female, approximately 3 years old who arrived over a month ago.

Franck bringing Lynn home

Franck bringing Lynn home

 She is adjusting well as she is confident and used to being around humans. Lynn was meant to transit a few days at J.A.C.K. as she had to be flown to another DRC sanctuary, but things turned out differently….

Papa Marcel & Lynn

Papa Marcel & Lynn

She has nowhere else to go so she will be moving to quarantine when the weather is milder.

upon arrival, Lynn had motricity problems: she couldn't walk properly on both left hand & foot. Now everything is fine as we solved these problems already...

upon arrival, Lynn had motricity problems: she couldn't walk properly on both right hand & foot. Now everything is fine as we solved these problems already...

We will then introduce her to the nursery group as she needs to be with others of her own kind.

Lynn wit Papa Marcel

Lynn wit Papa Marcel

Luna is only about 6 months old. She came to us only two weeks  ago and was very wild being newly orphaned.

Luna was flown late one night from Kongolo and arrived sick and extremely stressed!

Luna was flown late one night from Kongolo and arrived sick and extremely stressed!


baby Luna, 39th orphan chimpanzee rescued by J.A.C.K.

baby Luna, 39th orphan chimpanzee rescued by J.A.C.K.

She was running a fever, unable to walk and would not drink.

wrapped up in a wet towel, Luna was running a fever for several days...

wrapped up in a wet towel, Luna was running a fever for several days...

Luna has been seen by our vet and is receiving the intensive care she needs. She requires humidifier treatments to help her breathe easier while we treat her fever. She is doing slightly better now and is asking for food although she won’t drink milk.

Luna sick

Luna sick

 But it is not only her physical well being that is of great concern. Luna has clearly been traumatized by the experience of witnessing the slaughter of her mother and family members. Even in her sleep, she will shake and grimace from the nightmares. We keep her physically and emotionally close to our hearts to not only keep her warm but to make her feel the safety and comfort that only a mother can provide. It breaks our hearts to see such a tiny infant so traumatized but we remain strong and resolute in our efforts to save her. She recently began asking for hugs which we give freely and it gives our hearts hope for baby Luna.
In addition to the recent flu and new arrivals, we must care for the chimps under very difficult conditions and with no assistance from the government. We have  had some resources to build enclosures for the growing orphans  (Fondation Brigitte Bardot and the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust) and to develop our education program (IPPL USA) and we are deeply grateful to them for their support. But we are short in resources for feeding and caring for the 39 chimps to whom we are deeply committed.chimpanzees rescued by J.A.C.K.


Unfortunately, Luna and Lynn are the last orphans we can accept as we don’t have the resources to care for any more. It breaks our hearts as we know the next orphan will likely die but we cannot sacrifice the ones already in care.

We are asking from our hearts any help you can provide. We are also asking for your prayers. Please pray the day will soon come we won’t have to refuse any more orphans who need a new, loving family.

Make a donation. Even 1 USD. THEY NEED YOU !

Thank you for being with us and loving them as we do.

Franck and Roxane/J.A.C.K.

VIDA, 33rd confiscated chimpanzee handed over to J.A.C.K.

Dear Friends

A new little one arrived a few days ago…

When driving back from her office, Thea, a friend of us,  had seen the little girl in the arms of a young Congolese man.



Authorities were informed immediately and in less than 18 hours  the baby chimpanzee got seized by the Minister of Environment himself, Dr Félix Kabange Numbi, who had called for the Police to assist him.

Katanga Provincial Minister of Environment (right of Franck) handing over new confiscated chimp to J.A.C.K.

Katanga Provincial Minister of Environment (right of Franck) handing over new confiscated chimp to J.A.C.K.

Television had been asked to come as well because the Provincial Minister wanted the event to be covered by the media to send extra messages on wildlife conservation laws.

media covering the event

media covering the event

The owner of the chimpanzee was a Colonel of the Congolese army. A month ago, he had bought a document from the Ministry of Environment of the Maniema Province allowing him to capture and detain a baby chimpanzee for ‘domestication’. This means that for 20 USD a whole chimpanzee family has been again slaughtered because of human cupidity and ignorance!VIDA -permis de légitime détention

The baby chimpanzee was actually meant to be sold for an estimated 150 USD.  It’s high time all that trade finds an end. Laws protecting Great Apes in the DRC exist. If even authorities do ignore these, wildlife throughout the country has no future!

VIDA kept in small transport cage

VIDA kept in small transport cage

Although in rather good condition, this little female has an awful flu and antibiotic treatment was unavoidable. She has been named ‘VIDA’ which means ‘life’ in Spanish.



VIDA is now too small to stay in the quarantine of the sanctuary. It’s too cold   (dry season!) and the isolation facilities are too big for this tiny little one who needs contact, attention and warmth. We are expecting an old container to arrive  that we are going to transform into a small nursery so that little ones no longer have to transit through my house….

VIDA baby chimpanzee

VIDA baby chimpanzee

I’ll keep you updated on VIDA’s progress and adjustments. She’s strong, very very stubborn (she knows exactly what she wants and even uses her canines to get it!)  and will make it for sure!

VIDA, 33rd chimpanzee handed over to J.A.C.K.
VIDA, 33rd chimpanzee handed over to J.A.C.K.

Before ending, thank you again Thea for having mentioned about this little one. Thanks to you, VIDA will now have the chance to enjoy a better life!

Thank you all,


Elia, the bird cage chimp

Hello Everyone,

Let’s talk about Elia, this young female chimpanzee which had been detained in a horrible bird cage and was rescued by J.A.C.K.  in October 2009.

October 21st 2009 - Elia was seized by Congolese authorities. She had been kept in dreadful conditions !

October 21st 2009 - Elia was seized by Congolese authorities. She had been kept in dreadful conditions !

Since her arrival at J.A.C.K. we have been quite preoccupied with this orphan.
October 21st 2009 - upon arrival at J.A.C.K. Franck gave Elia her first bottle of rehydration salts

October 21st 2009 - upon arrival at J.A.C.K. Franck gave Elia her first bottle of rehydration salts

Aged of about 4 years old, when arriving at our sanctuary, the young female lost most of her teeth because of the food she had had. She had been fed on peanuts and water only and while tasting/eating apples or cabbage for instance her teeth simply dropped off or remained stuck into the apple/cabbage.

October 2009 - Elia is alone in quarantine area. She's doing fine and settling in amazingly

October 2009 - Elia is in quarantine area. She's doing fine and settling in amazingly

Elia is thin, healthy and strong physically. But her mental health somehow worried us. At the beginning, she was alone. Then, she stayed with JOMA, the chimp that arrived shortly after her. She showed signs of stress and sat the all day in her nest even during feeding time. Not that JOMA was (too) naughty, but she seemed to be scared of something.[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/tEuRV3Mh190" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Things started to be better when I realised she needed something of her own. Elia actually kept her pooh collected in the upper side of her leg and the day she stole a milk bottle to keep it close to her – just the way a child can hold a teddy bear – I simply let her do the way she wanted: the milk bottle literally  replaced the pooh!

January 2010 - Elia in quarantine at J.A.C.K. You can see the plastic bootle close to her while eating

January 2010 - Elia in quarantine at J.A.C.K. You can see the plastic bootle close to her while eating

Elia had never had company before nor any possessions. The cage she had been in  had been extremely small and located on an abandoned back yard… Hardly no one came to see her…

October 2009 - Elia on an abandoned backyard

October 2009 - Elia on an abandoned backyard

Then other chimps arrived and Elia and JOMA were introduced to them. They all were removed to a bigger enclosure and Elia’s behaviour changed again. She decided not to be part of the group, started rocking movements and shut herself completely from the others. I thought Elia had developped an autistic attitude…[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Fg9nnTmxjko" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

After having talked and worked with a friend working on Evolutionary Psychology, we decided Elia would not  be introduced into the main group: the others would hardly  accept her differences, would maybe slam her at any time and would reject her maybe. Therefore, the young female has been presented to the infant group several times already as we believe little ones will stimulate her more than elder/stronger ones. Elia has a great heart. She has lots of love to share but can’t do it with chimpanzees of her age who frighten her. Only little ones will give her the self confidence she has lost by being stranded in that dreadful place she was when JACK found her.

April 2010 - Elia closes herself from the others and doesn't pay attention to the other chimpanzees that are in her group

April 2010 - Elia closes herself from the others and doesn't pay attention to the other chimpanzees that are in her group

Elia will be transferred very soon into the infant enclosure and I’ll therefore keep you posted on her progress. I’m sure everything will be alright and that Elia will progress very fast! I trust her the way she trusts me!

June 2010 - Go, Elia! GO! You'll make it!

June 2010 - Go, Elia! GO! You'll make it!

Thank You




3 chimps from Goma legally handed over to J.A.C.K. sanctuary

Dear All,

A few days ago J.A.C.K. had the visit of the recently nominated Provincial Minister of Environment, Dr Felix Kabange Numbi Mukwapa, who came to hand over Bihati, Athanga and Padda to our sanctuary.

Provincial Minister of Environment (left) at J.A.C.K.

You know that J.A.C.K. is working with the local authorities to protect DRC’s endangered wildlife, to educate people and to enforce the laws as far as protected species are concerned. Therefore, J.A.C.K. hasn’t got the power to seize wildlife and is closely working with the DRC authorities that make all the confiscations.

Franck & Provincial Minister Dr Felix

Once an animal is confiscated, it is handed over to J.A.C.K. and our sanctuary has to provide all what is needed for its welfare.

Visit of Provincial Minister of Environment

These 3 animals had been confiscated by the I.C.C.N. (the Congolese National Parks) of Goma and had to be legally handed over to the sanctuary. The Provincial Minister had come with journalists and media to cover this particular event.

Provincial Minister of Environment handing over chimps

As it was the Provincial Minister’s first visit at J.A.C.K., Dr Felix Kabange was  impressed by our complex and action and really encouraged us to continue the good work.

first visit of Provincial Minister of Environment at J.A.C.K.

Merci Excellence Monsieur le Ministre Provincial des Sports, Loisirs, Environnement, Tourisme, Culture et Arts pour votre intervention, soutien et encouragements.


Roxane & Franck

the 3 recent newcomers

Dear All,

First, Franck, the chimps of J.A.C.K. and myself wish to thank the very kind people who have donated on Wildlife Direct to help:

  • Frances B. USD28.75  
  • Gail S. USD11.00
  • Daniel R. USD230.00
  • Rebecca R. USD200.00
  • Kinzli C. USD210.00
  • Wanda H. USD28.75
  • Kara N. USD17.25
  • Isabelle V. USD23.00
  • Tanguy L. USD57.50
  • Kevin C. USD22.00
  • and to Theresa S. USD150.00 and to Amy M. USD11.00 who participated earlier this month.

    YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS WILL HELP THE ORPHANS OF OUR REFUGE A LOT! This money is meant to build extra facilities as to provide the best conditions to these orphans. THANK YOU for your generosity! THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US!


    Unfortunately, a new chimp may arrive soon; which will make 7 chimps in 7 weeks! We really need to have this new quarantine facility built! Cost is estimated at USD 10.000. So, we absolutely ask your support to continue. Know that, if J.A.C.K. can’t accept any other arrival because of a lack of space, authorities won’t have any other place to put the confiscated animals and won’t confiscate any more…Poaching will be at it’s worst! This isn’t the aim we expected to reach when J.A.C.K.  started 3 years ago….


    our quarantine area is nearly full!

    What about the 3 recent newcomers? Tika? Bapu? Pundu?

    Here are the pictures of the latest chimps who have been handed over to J.A.C.K. on the same day:

    Tika (a young male of about 3 years old)


    Bapu (baby female) and Pundu (baby male)


    Tika is now in the quarantine of our Refuge. He is doing fine, vocalises a lot with the other chimps of the Refuge and has a real good heart.


    Tika in quarantine


    We had to start treatments at once as this young male was full of parasites (mainly tape worms!). Below with Mama Maguy


    Bapu & Pundu are at my place as they both were in a very bad condition. We believe that they would have died in the coming week as both were so weak, traumatised, dehydrated and full of parasites too!


    Today Bapu & Pundu are settling in and it will surely take some time. They both weigh less than 4 kg and you only hug bones once you want to cuddle them.


    Since their arrival, both have put on weight (150 grams each) and I still hope they will continue progressing in that way.


     Together with Papa Augustin, I keep an eye on them 24 hours a day!

     [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/U6B0WuJhpQo" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

    Their face and behaviour is already completely different than from the day they arrived and it is obvious both Pundu and Bapu feel confident again…



    6 babies in about 6 weeks… slaughter continues !

    Yes, Friends of J.A.CK.,


    Can you believe this? 6 babies chimpanzees arriving at the J.A.C.K. Refuge in about 6 weeks?







    And also now



    BAPU & PUNDU …


    J.A.C.K. today takes care of… 29 orphans compared to 19 end 2008.

    [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/xEyPtvWUPRg" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

    We really need your support! J.A.C.K. is a small NGO in the DRC…. We can’t continue alone and that’s why we call for help to provide the best conditions to these orphans that have been taken away from the wild because of human ignorance and… crualty.


    Please, help us,

    Thank you for THEM !


    Ikia, the chimp that didn’t make it

    Hi Everyone,

    In my former post, we had a happy rescue story. But also as mentioned, saving wildlife doesn’t always have happy ends. Today, I’ll talk about Ikia, a baby chimpanzee, who unlike so many others, had lost her family and hope…

    End of June 2009– Julius, a Congolese man working in the city of Kalemie (Eastern DRC), saved a baby chimpanzee he had seen stranded in a bag.

     a bundle

    The baby female surely was meant to head for Lubumbashi on the Kalemie-Lubumbashi train,


    but Julius got really interested in the content of the bag…


     That’s how Ikia entered in Julius’life…

    Early July 2009 – Not knowing exactly how to look after a young traumatised chimp, Julius managed to get in touch with our Refuge in Lubumbashi. He wanted the best for the little one and needed advice and help.


    Franck and I were in Europe, so it was Chantal who first had contacts with Julius. She was running the project and sent me Julius’ email address so that I could correspond and help the young man of  Kalemie…

    Ikia was in a bad condition. She needed medical assistance and a lot of love and attention. Julius did a wonderful job and was assisted by other friends when he had to travel.

    July 16, 2009 – Once all the paperwork had been done, transfer to Lubumbashi took place thanks to people wishing to help the baby.

     ikia arriving at airport

    Chantal welcomed Ikia at the airport with the ICCN authorities and the representatives of the Ministry of Environment.

    Chantal and ICCN authorities

    At the Refuge, our team welcomed a traumatised, weak and extremely stressed baby.

    Maman Maguy and Papa Augustin with Ikia

    Ikia was lethargic, remained at the bottom of the box.

    Ikia exhausted

    Papa Augustin extremely worried

    Carefully, Ikia was set into quarantine for observation and care. 

    Ikia set into quarantine

    Assisted by the vet and a young man from France volunteering at the Zoo of Lubumbashi (Cyril), Chantal did all she could to help the new baby. But Papa Augustin and the others were extremely worried as it was clear the baby had had enough….

    baby Ikia

    July 17, 2009– Ikia’s last day. Early in the morning, Papa Augustin took Ikia to feed her and to give her love and care…

    the last sip 

    Although  the team knew something was going wrong,  everyone wanted to keep on believing Ikia was going to recover soon…. But Ikia had gone already. Papa Augustin held her in his arms when Ikia decided to give up the fight and to let herself die of desperateness.

    Papa Augustin keeping Ikia in his arms

    Everyone cried and felt guilty of not having done more… This was the first time the team went through such sad experience….

    the last breath

    Our team and some friends of J.A.C.K. organised a small burial ceremony.

    goodbey Ikia

    we will never forget you, Ikia!

    Ikia now lies in piece at the Refuge. This has been a painful event to everyone and it was even more frustrating for Franck and myself who weren’t  in the DRC at that time…

    Ikia is gone forever

    Rescuing animals can be very tough and each time a new confiscated baby arrives, it is a challenge to us. Sometimes, we struggle very hard to give the newcomer hope and confidence. And sometimes, it doesn’t work…

    Julius did a great job although he had never worked with Great Apes before. He started blogging about Ikia and you can read her story and see more pictures of her on the following link:


    Thank you Julius for your help and for all you did!

    Thank you Chantal for all that energy spent in giving Ikia the best!

    And great thanks to all the people who were involved in this rescue!

    Your assistance was precious!


    Ikia, I have never met you, but you’ll stay forever in my heart!


    Masika, a new baby chimp confiscated in the DRC

    Dear Friends,

    Let me introduce you Masika (picture below) a baby chimpanzee now at J.A.C.K.


    Masika arrived a few days ago on the 29th of September.  Rosmarie of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve (Epulu,DRC) actually contacted us on September 13th asking if J.A.C.K. could take the baby chimpanzee she had rescued. 


    Masika belonged to a soldier and was confiscated by ICCN authorities of Epulu. The baby female was transferred at Rosmarie’s place and she accepted to take care of the little one. But feeling the best place for Masika was to be among others of her own kind and knowing about our NGO, Rosmarie decided to contact J.A.C.K.  That’s how Masika came into our lives!

    But how to transfer Masika to Lubumbashi? The Okapi Reserve is so far ?


    There were several people who made the transfer possible. First we need to mention MAF CONGO which accepted to take baby Masika from Epulu to Goma. If Rosmarie hadn’t had this flying opportunity, she would have travelled by road (Epulu-Beni = minimum 6hours driving!) and spent 1 night in Beni before continuing on the next day to Goma. That’s why the MAF CONGO air company was so important: it made the journey shorter to Goma! 
    In Goma, Rosmarie had already contacted different people. Serge in charge of FZS logistics did a wonderful job and so did Lucy Faveau and Robert Muir who agreed to help with the procedure. We won’t forget the participation of the ICCN in Goma nor Dr Emmanuel de Merode who was aware of this transfer.

    Also, Patricia played an important role too. Manager of a local airline company, ITAB, she accepted to take Masika on board to cover the last stretch between Goma and Lubumbashi. It isn’t the first time Patricia, her husband and her team assist us because the Kivu 4 arrived last February in Lubumbashi thanks to their kindness.


    Without the intervention of all these helpful people, transfer of Massika from Epulu to Lubumbashi wouldn’t have taken place and we are all grateful for their participation and kindness. Again, this action shows that different NGO’s and institutions can work as a team! Thank you to all of you and thank you too, Rosmarie, for having saved baby Masika!!


    In Lubumbashi, Franck and the inspectors of the Ministry of Environment welcomed baby Masika. 



    Franck drove her to the Refuge where the JACK team was eagerly waiting for her!



    Papa Bukasa (left) and Papa Augustin (right)


    Papa Augustin took Masika immediately in his arms and cheerily welcomed her with chimp noises…

    Because of her young age and because Masika was too thin and could pass through the bars of our quarantine cages, I took her home where she is now looked after by Carole.  


    Masika is now the 24th chimp of our J.A.C.K. Refuge and is the 27th to be rescued by us.


    Why 27th? We have lost JAK and TOUZO(remember!). But in my next post, I’ll talk about Ikia, a baby female who arrived at J.A.C.K. last July but who didn’t make it…. Unfortunately, rescues haven’t always happy ends,…

    I’ll update soon on Masika’s settling in,

    Thank you