cold is back
cold is back

cold is back

The last time we talked about flu and keeping the chimp indoors was because of the heavy rains we had several months ago.

This time, temperatures are dropping down terribly (especially at night and early in the morning) which keeps on reminding us we also have ‘Winter’ here in Africa! Day temperatures vary between 28° & 32° C, but, just to give you an idea, feeding time two days ago at 7.30 am was at 11° Celsius… Some chimps are sick, the most fragile ones : Tommy, Nalia, Ekolo, Luna and baby Kaly who are all in quarantine because of flu!

06 - juin3

The littles ones have particular attention and care. Valentin, their keeper, checks their temperatures 3 times/day and provides special food and enrichment for them. This morning, he collected wild figs which they loved!


Hopefuly, the little  chimps are still very playful although sick and we hope situation will remain like this as the month of July is usually the coldest!

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