Flu has gone!
Flu has gone!

Flu has gone!

Flu has gone!!!

All the chimps are well again and we do take many precautions now as weather starts to become a bit chillier and winter is approaching…

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Santa is completely fine and stayed with us about 2 1/2 weeks because of her respiratory problems. While being with us, she met little Maïka who is now doing well too.



Santa and Maïka have become good friends and both had  great fun together at my place.


Santa & Maïka playing at home

Having two small chimps to take care of requires a lot of attention and patience.


Maïka (left) and Santa (right)

Today, Santa’s back at theRefuge with Kimo and Maïka spends her days with them playing in the bushy quarantine area.


Santa & Kimo

At the beginning, Kimo slammed Maïka a lot: he was jealous Santa took care of her too much. But now, the three of them are getting on very well together and it seems Maïka really enjoys staying with them.


Papa Augustin with Kimo (left), Santa (right) and Maïka (top)

Flu has interupted all kind of introductions between the group and the chimps that had already started to be presented. So, Mwisho and Coco are still on the list to join the group as well as Kimo and Santa… I’ll keep you posted…


Thank You,


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  1. Fran

    That is fantastic news! Roxanne, the expression on your face while you’re holding Santa and Maika is priceless. They look so much better now due to you and your staff’s care. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Theresa

    Thank God the flu is over! Santa and Maiko look so much better. Their color is better and they look a little plumper. How I envy you holding those sweet babies. I will pray that all the chimps stay healthy during the coming winter. God bless you and the staff, Roxane for your wonderful care of these precious orphans. Big hugs to you all!

  3. Contente d’apprendre que tous vont très bien!!!
    Maïka est trop mignonne accompagnée de kimo et Santa!!!
    Quant à celui ou celle qui essaye d’intimider Wanza… ben c’est assez réussi non? 🙂

    Bises à tous.

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