Land found for the JACK orphans!
Land found for the JACK orphans!

Land found for the JACK orphans!

Hello dear Friends !

It is high time I talked about the former game reserve of « KIZIBA BALUBA ».


Yes, many weeks ago, JACK had the opportunity to visit a wonderful ICCN place not far from Lubumbashi.


As JACK purpose and aim has always been to release the seized animals in their natural environment, it was crucial for us to find land to do so. This also became very urgent as more chimpanzees arrive from other provinces, so many others need to be rescued and the first babies of JACK are growing up very very fast!


Together with ICCN representatives, JACK decided to have a look at this 21 km² area located at about 63 kilometers Nort-East of our Refuge Centre.


Made of Miombo Forest (woodlands and gallery forests), the “KIZIBA BALUBA” Game Reserve would be perfect for a temporary site for the teenagers of JACK ready for pre-release.


But before, we need to list the plants growing on this site as well as the mammals that still live there to take the best decision for the orphans of our project.


JACK has already received the verbal agreement of the ICCN for a partnership but this new stage of the project will need a lot of paper work and finances too!


Maïka is the first chimp of JACK who has ever set foot on Kiziba Baluba!

I’ll keep you posted,




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  1. Mama Kimo

    Hi there!
    WOW i cant beleive it that you have found such a great place for the chimps! Really wish you all the best. I know the chimps will love it after getting used to the feeling of freedom!!! A research of crops and mammals is a good idea so we can know that they are always with full stomachs and out of danger : ) I miss them all so very much! Always in my heart!!
    Big hug to JACK!

  2. Fran

    This looks like a fantastic area for the chimps! So much growth and open area. And there’s my little Maika! LOL! These chimps deserve the very best and I know you are all working so hard to achieve this for them. I will do all I can to help in any way.

  3. Don’t worry about Maïka’s hand. We visited this Reserve weeks ago when Maïka’s hand was still healing – remember, she had deep cuts when seized and it lasted about two months before her hand was fine.
    We too hope all will be fine for our first group. Still many things are however needed to move on to this second stage of our project as JACK wants the chimps to be in a safe and secure place… So, I’ll continue tell you about Chita and his mates in the coming months!!

  4. Theresa


    What a beautiful place for the chimps! I hope all goes well. As much as I love all the little ones I would love to see them here in this beautiful forest, free and living like chimps should live.
    Did Maika’s hand become injured again or is she having trouble with the original injury. She is so tiny! But I know she will grow strong and well JACK. God Bless you all!

  5. Christine C.

    Roxane — oh my, it is so hard to think about « our » babies being released back into the wild…but I know it is where they belong…

    What happened to Maika’s hand?? She us such a tiny little thing!

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