new enrichment items thanks to beautiful donors!
new enrichment items thanks to beautiful donors!

new enrichment items thanks to beautiful donors!

As mentioned previously, the different parcels arrived safely at J.A.C.K. from France and we needed some time to compare the enrichment toys we had bought via Internet and the ones we actually received with Karine !

To our surprise, one of our suppliers sent us the wrong items (he sent us smaller toys) and reimbursed us. So, with that money we are now buying almonds, raisins, bananas, oranges and apples to put inside the enrichment toys…


The chimps have already discovered some of their brand new enrichment toys and we all at J.A.C.K. can confirm they  had too much fun!!! Here are the first pictures we can already share with you!







Many thanks again to the following people who participated to the Christmas enrichment presents for the chimps: Fran B, Laurence D, Lesley Ann M, Eva C, Céline L,  Carine L, Marc & Judith T, Joe B, Marc H, Louise Q and Sophie M !


Also, in addition to the donation of enrichment toys, a few Friends of JACK sent socks to Karine when she was still in France.

Yes, remember, socks can be excellent enrichment tools too!!

So, « Les Amis de JACK », the French charity helping J.A.C.K., sent an appeal last December and asked people to collect old socks for the chimps! A few Friends  did their utmost to do so and even asked their families and colleagues to do the same!!!

Look at the pictures below and you’ll see how much fun the chimps had!!! Socks do provide so much fun, keep the chimps very busy as they make them use their imagination.






Many thanks again to  Franck G, Laurence D, Emilie E and Sissi v.H. who  emptied their drawers and  asked their family and colleagues to do the same!!

Many thanks again to all the people who took part in these two December actions : your generosity is giving THEM such a great time!

Thank YOU for THEM !



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