Thank Yous
Thank Yous

Thank Yous

Dear All,

The chimpanzees residing at our Sanctuary wish to thank the following donors for their  contributions sent last May to J.A.C.K. via the Paypal system on top right of our Wildlife Direct blog :  Christine C. (100 USD), Marc H. (30 USD), Toby N. (50 USD), Petra & Sascha (200 USD), Alain S. (50 USD), Oliver T. (25 USD) and Amy M. ( 10 USD).


Thank you for your support of the orphans at J.A.C.K. We are very grateful for people like you helping us take care of these wonderful chimps. Without you, they would have no home !!

Merci pour votre aide et votre soutien! Nous vous sommes très reconnaissants car, sans vous, nous n’arriverions pas à encadrer ces magnifiques créatures…

Thank You for THEM!

Merci pour EUX!


J.A.C.K. sanctuary/DRC

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  1. J.A.C.K.

    Hi Bernadette, no, no… the baby on the left is EKOLO and the one on the right is NALIA….sorry… I’ll update soon on Tommy and you’ll notice he’s slightly taller and stronger than these two little ones…

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