Tommy needs surgery!
Tommy needs surgery!

Tommy needs surgery!

Hi Everyone,

No good news for today: we had an X-ray of Tommy’s arm and he has osteomyelitis.

Remember, I told you he had had a pellet gone through his right arm and different treatments had been given to Tommy before his transfer to our sanctuary.

X-ray Tommy's arm
black spot left of humerus is where pellet hurt bone - infection also on top right where an abscess full of pus was located

The results are not positive: his bone is infected inside and oral/injectable treatment (Lincomycin) apparently isn’t enough. The best thing appears to be a curettage of the sick bone…

We have found a surgeon in Lubumbashi ready to help, so I’ll come back to you very soon…


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  1. relave emilie

    Je ne sais pas si le chirurgien est venu, en tout cas, c’est bon de trouver un homme de cœur.J’espère que l’état du petit Tommy ne s’est pas aggravé.

    à très bientôt


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