great works thanks to  ‘Apeology’
great works thanks to ‘Apeology’

great works thanks to ‘Apeology’

Remember, last February, we showed you pictures of the Nursery 2 Project which aims in building more night quarters for the growing chimp infants. We also mentioned works had to be stopped since no more funding was available. Fullscreen capture 20140803 071428 AM But we have been extremely lucky since an unexpected donation enabled us to continue the works.

YES! This wonderful news arose  from the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST which announced us, Ola BERGGREN and Tommy LUNDBERG, the two Swedish authors of “Ledarskap på apstadiet” (= `Apeology – evolution for managers and leaders’) whom we have already talked about in October 2010, had decided to grant again JACK with substantial funds they collected through the sale of their famous book. Ola and Tommy are both interested in leadership, the interactions between all members of the company in comparison with chimpanzee individuals interacting with members of their group. Their book is an incredible journey that brings you from the deepest forests of Africa to the modern life of our current hectic society. Fullscreen capture 20140803 065607 AMThe world is full of books on leadership. Meanwhile the business world is crowded with managers seeking to emulate the successful behaviour of their role models. But what if they could more effectively increase productivity and profitability by imitating our closest relatives in the animal world? In this book, the authors study chimpanzees to help identify the innate human needs that form the basis of how we interact in the workplace and in the organisations. Genetically, we are 98,6% the same as chimpanzees. By observing our tree-climbing cousins we can regain a natural awareness of what makes people feel good and perform well in a group. The book was nominated for « Human Resource Book of the year 2010 » in Sweden and it was also published in Finland and Norway. But today, Tommy and Ola wish to go further. Since their book has had so much success in Sweden, they really want to have it translated into English. Would you know publishers ready to translate this great book, please contact us. Meanwhile, you can already have a look at the English Chapter Summary which will give you an idea of the book. Ola and Tommy sent their donation to our Sanctuary via the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust and more developments have taken place since last February. Fullscreen capture 20140807 125708 PM The money donated earlier this year enabled J.A.C.K. in building (1) the tunnel which  links Nursery Area 1 to Nursery Area 2 and (2) the second night quarter which got  built too nearly totally.

tunnel between the 2 nursery areas

Fullscreen capture 20140803 105310 AM

 night room 2 fixed

sct1 Again, J.A.C.K. wishes to thank Tommy, Ola and the Sweden Chimpanzee Trust for giving the chimps at J.A.C.K. the opportunity of seeing their stay at the sanctuary improved. Your donation has helped us make great things for the Nursery group and we hope these little hairy ones will soon be able to inaugurate their new territory.

Thank YOU for THEM !


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