A lesson to Leadership
A lesson to Leadership

A lesson to Leadership

Dear Friends,

Have you ever thought our closest relatives could teach our leaders  to be more humane in order to increase productivity and profitability?

Well, two Swedish authors studied the case and share their analyse in the book  » Ledarskap på apstadiet  » (= ‘Leadership on a Chimpanzee Level’). Ledarskap pa Apstadiet

Tommy LUNDBERG, author and counsellor in communication and Ola BERGGREN, author, behaviourist and personnel officer, are known in Sweden for their tutorial leadership books and wanted this time to go a step further: to analyse both human and chimpanzee behaviours in the case of leadership.

The results are very interesting. The book brings you from the deepest part of the African jungle to our complete modern society, from the search of food to the quest of money  and « takes  the chimpanzees to help identify the inherited needs which form the basis of our behaviour in the workplace and in organizations » – The Swedish Wire

Rickard ZETTERBERG, CEO of S-Group :  » The book is a boost for my leadership. It contains many good ideas and thought-provoking links with our nearest relatives. The fact that it is readable and fun makes it even better. I read it pretty quickly, but it leaves the reflections to carry around long time.  » 

Lennart RYDEN, Chairman HRM Business:  » The book is a cookbook of leadership. The approach is interesting and translation from monkey world for our own behavior and actions exciting. I can highly recommend the book both to the prospective leader who wants to get a reference book with thought-provoking little tips on their journey of leading others that the older the head jammed in their managerial role. « 

The authors have given the first edition of the book to « the chimpanzees ».  This means that all proceeds from the sale of the book will go to conservation projects, research, education and other efforts to chimpanzee survival.

Franck met both Ola and Tommy  last July as the first proceeds of their book were transferred to the SWEDEN CHIMPANZEE TRUST . The President of this Trust, Mrs PERSSON Ing-Marie,  decided to donate the money to J.A.C.K.! These moments shared with Ola, Tommy and Ing-Marie were full of emotions especially when both authors offered Franck a cheque designed and signed by Santino, the alpha chimp male of  FURUVIKPARKEN.

Franck with Tommy (left) and Ola
Franck with Tommy (left) and Ola

Thank YOU both Tommy and Ola for your determination and  will in helping chimpanzees, and thank YOU, Ing-Marie, for giving these wonderful creatures the chance to live!







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